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Ready, set, relax.

So you need an MRI. First, get the big picture. Millions of Americans will have an MRI this year ... it's a safe, painless procedure that helps doctors diagnose injuries, illnesses and other health conditions.

Second, see why it's preferred. MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. Using a magnetic field and radio waves, it produces detailed images of your body's internal structures ... with no harmful radiation.

Third, expect fast answers. Results will be available within 24 hrs.


Before your exam...

You can schedule your MRI for any day - no need to change your meals or activities (with the exception of the abdomen exam).

A few points

Bring your Mozart...or just bring yourself. You're welcome to bring a CD to listen to or someone to accompany you while you're having your exam.

Take off your watch, bracelet...anything metal, also mention if you have a pacemaker or any other metal implants in your body.

If you've had a scan before, bring your films. The radiologist will want to see any prior images made for the part of your body to be scanned.


You'll just need to be still. That's it!

Listen to music ... talk ... or simply lie quietly. You can speak with your technologist at any time.

You'll feel comfortable throughout. You'll hear some clicks, but won't feel any sensation.

Your technologist can tell you how long it will take. Scan times vary according to procedure. Our magnet provides fast and efficient scans with complete protocols.


When you're through, continue with your day's activities.

Here's what's next.

Your scan will be reviewed. A radiologist will interpret the images and report the findings to your physician.

Your doctor will contact you with results. If treatment is necessary, your physician will discuss options with you.


We invite you to choose Capital Imaging for your MRI. Here's why:

Relaxing experience - You'll enjoy our welcoming, spa-like atmosphere ... attractive surroundings, less waiting, and a technologist who specializes in helping patients feel comfortable and calm.

Custom equipment - Capital Imaging's scanner was custom-designed by doctors to provide the highest quality ... a high speed GE 1.5 Tesla, which provides diagnostically superior images, yet reduces scanning time for about half the time from an open MRI.

Leading experts - Our patients' images are reviewed by board-certified MRI radiologists who provide deep expertise in relevant subspecialties - neurological, musculoskeletal, vascular and more. They'll provide a prompt interpretation - the same day if needed - and they are ready to discuss findings with your physician in detail.

Capital Imaging's friendly, expert team, is ready to assist you now!